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Nasscom :: FutureSkills Prime. "Technology is often at the forefront of economic recovery, but especially so now, as the pandemic has precipitated structural changes across industries and challenged established ways of working." - Mr. Rishad Premji, The Chairman of Wipro. What the …

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FutureSkills Prime - A MeitY-NASSCOM Digital Initiative

(52 years ago) Meet FutureSkills Prime. A skilling ecosystem focused on emerging technologies, powered by a partnership between the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, NASSCOM, and the IT industry. It seeks to propel India to become a global hub of talent in emerging technologies. Read More.

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FutureSkills Prime

(52 years ago) No cost for setting up the account and free access to our library of content contributed by our partners and a unique digital-fitness assessment that can recommend skills based on your aptitude.

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Learn Python fundamentals- simplified on FutureSkills Prime

(52 years ago) Course Highlight. Understand the fundamentals of Python in the most simplified way. From writing your first line of code in Python to building the structure of programmes. This course will help you to become an expert at Problem-Solving. You will get a completion certificate at 60% score and an Excellence certificate at 90% score from Coding Ninja.

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Salesforce Developer: Certified programming course

(52 years ago) Gain knowledge and get certified on different technologies into Programming, Testing & Reports customization. Design different program model on multi-tenant platform. Buildup different data model or framework using different technics and Automation. Salesforce Developer Catalyst. Duration 53 Hours 53 Minutes. Skill type Emerging Tech. Cost Free.

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NASSCOM - FutureSkills Prime - A Digital Skilling Initiative

(52 years ago) In our digital reality, India’s growth and success depends on a digital-skilled, future-ready workforce that can put us ahead of the global curve with new ideas and gamechanging innovations. So the time has come to make a difference. Break free from the predictable trajectory of your career. Break free from the routine of your life.

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Learn Adobe UX Foundation & Earn Adobe Certification

(52 years ago) The Adobe UX Journey is divided in 5 Modules for a structured approach and a pedagogy that mixes theoretical concepts with practical assignments. Module 1: Introduction to User Experience Design. Module 2: User experience research. Module 3: Visual Design. Module 4: User experience design strategy.

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Cybersecurity essential training course on FutureSkills

(52 years ago) Curriculum. With this course, you will develop an understanding of cybercrime, security principles technologies and procedures used to defend networks. It is a basic foundational course, whether you want to pursue entry-level networking or security professional role. This 30-hour …

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FutureSkills Prime

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FutureSkills Prime

(52 years ago) FutureSkills Prime ... Welcome

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NASSCOM - FutureSkills Prime - Hackfest ML Challenge 2021

(52 years ago) 2. Users who have completed the course will receive an email from Analyttica to register for Hackathon after September 19th 2021. 3. Participants will receive an email about the Problem Statement, 24 hours prior to the competition. 4. Participate in the 24 hr-long Hack-a-thon on September 25th and 26th 2021. 5.

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News and recent developments at NASSCOM FutureSkills

(52 years ago) FutureSkills Prime, NASSCOM e-learning platform, FutureSkills Prime now for Telangana students. 6th Feb, 2021. NASSCOM, Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE) and Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) unveiled FutureSkills Prime, a digital skilling ecosystem to encourage remote and self-learning for Telangana students. Mr.

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Microsoft Foundation: Cloud Computing & Applications

(52 years ago) The Microsoft Cloud Computing Foundation Pathway comprises of following 9 Microsoft courses: Azure Fundamentals. Data Storage; Azure Services. Architect network infrastructure in Azure. Secure your cloud data. Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. Migrate application workloads and data to Azure. Architect great solutions in Azure.

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Get certification in Python by Cisco on FutureSkills

(52 years ago) You'll learn these core skills: Problem-solve using an algorithmic approach. Understand programmer's work in the software development process. Gain knowledge on how a program is executed in a computer environment. Prepare for the PCAP–Python Certified Associate Programmer Certification. Programming Essentials in Python by Cisco. Duration 70 ...

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How professional courses can help you find your next job

(52 years ago) Professional Courses offer you better job opportunities. Once your creativity and professional education set you apart from other candidates, it’s time for your employers to realize your job-readiness. Having job-ready skills is a better indication of your abilities. If you can present the right qualifications and certifications, you may ...

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Learn the fundamentals of data analytics - FutureSkills

(52 years ago) A learner will be introduced to analytical concepts like:-. Collection and Classification of Data. Bi-variate analysis. Probability Distribution. Statistical Inference. Through an experiential learning approach leveraging real data sets, you will learn fundamental analytical concepts for solving business problems. Fundamentals of …

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Become a Microsoft Certified Developer Associate (MS-600)

(52 years ago) Course Highlight. Developer Associate pathway will help learners to get skilled on concepts like customizing Office applications & SharePoint, custom applications with Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Identity and customizing Microsoft Teams. This pathway helps learners prepare for the …

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Learn full-stack development with this node js course

(52 years ago) The course will help learners understand Full Stack Software development in order to build robust and scalable Websites, Backend APIs, and more. It will also acquaint learners with the core concepts of both front end as well as back end programming ecosystems, with the use of tools like Nodejs, HTML, CSS, GoDaddy, JSON. Catch me if you can!

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Develop a fundamental understanding to become an AWS Cloud

(52 years ago) This self-paced course is intended for individuals who seek an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles. The course provides a detailed overview of cloud concepts, AWS services, security, architecture, pricing, and support to enable you to build your cloud skills and grow your professional credibility.

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Learn Python Programming with this course|FutureSkills

(52 years ago) By taking a Python course and learning Python Programming to take a Python Certification, you will pave a way to opportunities much larger than you ever had. Python Programming. Duration 40 Hours. Skill type Emerging Tech. Cost INR 2,500.

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FutureSkills Prime partners | Govt, Academia & Industry

(52 years ago) The online community has more than 150 faculty members, offering 50+ courses. Popular courses include Java, Data Science, AI, Big Data Analytics, AWS, DevOps, Python, Webservices, Microservices etc. It offers virtual as well as in-person instructor-led training. The Institute of Product Leadership partners with FutureSkills Prime, with courses ...

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IoT Course: Learn Fundamentals of IoT - FutureSkills

(52 years ago) Course Highlight. This course provides an overview on the basics of all four layers of Internet of Things (IoT) starting from sensor connected IoT devices or "Things" to IoT gateway to cloud platforms along with insight into data generation and analysis. Learners earn a Certificate of Participation by Jigsaw Manipal.

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Learn how to build a robust linear regression model

(52 years ago) Through this course, you will learn how to: Evaluate a Linear Model. Select and Transform a Variable, as well as, Model Validation. Get an understanding of ‘Simple and Multiple Linear Regression.’. Deep dive into various nuances of building a robust predictive analytical solution with 6 hands-on data cases. Machine Learning - Linear Regression.

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Learn Robotic process automation and its fundamentals

(52 years ago) Introduction to RPA. Robotic Process Automation refers to the use of robots to automate rule-based digital tasks, such as configuring a computer software, capturing and interpreting existing applications, processing a transaction, manipulating data, communicating with other digital systems, and the like.

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Learn Design Thinking for problem-solving|Futureskills

(52 years ago) Course Provider. Course Highlight. Develop innovative solutions through Human Centric Problem Discovery and Creative Solutioning. Apply Design Thinking for Problem Solving through Ideation, Applied Creativity, Rapid Prototyping and experimentation.

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Get Certified in Security Administrator Associate (MS-500)

(52 years ago) Security Administrator Associate pathway will help learners prepare for the Microsoft Certified: Security Administrator Associate (MS-500) exam. Through this pathway, the learners will get skilled on concepts like Identity and Access with Azure Directory, Threat Protection, securing infrastructure with MS …

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Foundation in big data analytics: course for beginners

(52 years ago) Module 1: Introduction to Big Data Analytics. Starting with an overview of the basic knowledge required before being trained on the core concepts of Big Data Analytics. Starting with the six Vs: Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity, Valence and Volume, the course moves on to introduce data science. Big …

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Stay updated with the latest news and trends about skill ...

(52 years ago) 13 Best-Selling Microsoft Certifications flat @Rs.1000/-1. Azure Security Engineer Associate (AZ-500) 2. Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) 3. Security Administrator Associate (MS-500) 4. Developer Associate (MS-600) 5. Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900) 6. Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204) 7. Data Analyst Associate (DA-100) 8. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals 9.

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Course by Global Gyan: Acquire critical thinking skills

(52 years ago) Connecting the dots for problem-solving is a practice-oriented course, spanning 3 hours. The interactive methodology with 8+ exercises will teach you to build an outside-in perspective that is critical to problem-solving. Understand the underlying framework for a sound business strategy and apply the knowledge of mega trends in practice to your ...

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Course by SkillsDA: Learn web application security

(52 years ago) The total duration of the Application Security course is 51.5 hours, out of which, 13.5 hours are for theory and 38 hours are for practical. There are 7 quizzes and 20 questions for assessment. On completing the course and clearing the knowledge check, learners will earn a co-branded participation certificate from SkillsDA and NASSCOM FutureSkills.

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Become a certified Data Analyst Associate (DA-100)

(52 years ago) Course Highlight. Data Analyst Associate pathway will help learners to get skilled on concepts like preparing data for analysis, data modelling, data visualization and managing workspaces in Power BI. This pathway helps learners prepare for the Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate (DA-100) Certification.

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Learn Leadership And Management With A Leading Skills Course

(52 years ago) Course Provider. Course Highlight. This leadership and management course will help you improve your performance by overcoming internal and external obstacles holding you back from realizing your true potential, cultivate a growth mindset and step outside your comfort zone.

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Contact FutureSkills Prime - Best Online Learning Site

(52 years ago) Email us in case of any queries regarding e-learning, partnership possibilities, and other requirements. Our support team will contact you.

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Trending Courses & Trending Pathaways|Online Courses

(52 years ago) Negotiating Wisely. This negotiation skills online course will teach you to handle conflicts and reach agreements that are acceptable to both sides. Course by. Self Paced. 3 Hours 22 Minutes. INR 845.

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Azure Fundamentals with Microsoft AI-100 Certification

(52 years ago) Course offers students in-depth knowledge and training required to pass the Microsoft AI-100 certification exam. Candidates who clear the AI-100 exam will be certified by Microsoft as Azure AI Engineer Associate. Co-branded course participation certificate from CloudThat & NASSCOM FutureSkills. Blended Learning Mode: Virtual ILT + …

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Azure Developer Associate: Get certified in Azure (AZ-204)

(52 years ago) Azure Developer Associate pathway will help learners prepare for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204) exam. Through this pathway, the learners will get skilled on concepts like server-side logic, server-less architecture, Azure storage management, virtual machines Web Apps and publishing websites.

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Foundation Course: Learn About Artificial Intelligence

(52 years ago) The Artificial Intelligence Foundations course gives you the knowledge and fundamental skills to begin your journey and succeed in the AI era. Upon completion of this course, you will get a certificate by SkillUp and a co-branded certificate by FutureSkills Prime and SkillUp. This course also …

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Get trained on AWS Cloud and learn about AWS core services

(52 years ago) This course is intended for anyone who seeks an overall understanding of AWS Cloud and who wants to understand AWS Cloud terminology is welcome to attend an AWS Discovery Day. Learners should be at the beginning of the AWS Cloud learning curve; they may move on to role-based learning paths offered through AWS Training and Certification.

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NASSCOM - FutureSkills Prime - Hackfest ML Challenge 2021

(52 years ago) So you think you have mastered the fundamentals of Machine Learning? Then accept this challenge for a Hack-a-thon! Compete against learners from all over India and win prizes worth INR 2.5 Lakh.

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Amazon web services: Operate leading Cloud service providers

(52 years ago) Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading Cloud Service providers. It offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. The lab lets you quickly get started with AWS Services without the need to set-up your own account. It in pursuing Developer Associate certification course.

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Glimpses of Past Events & Initiatives at Future Skills Prime

(52 years ago) Prime CareerMantra on Cloud Computing. This session is for beginners on Cloud Computing. Learn about its architecture, the prevalent industry trends & the skills you need for kickstarting your career. Online. 15 April.

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Learn Full Stack Java Programming: Open Career Avenues

(52 years ago) DevSecOps – GIT, Jenkins, Heroku, Maven, Gradle. Spring – Core / MVC. Full Stack Java Developer Program. Duration 600 Hours. Skill type Emerging Tech. Cost INR 30000 + Taxes. Pathway/Courses Course. Type of format ILT Classroom / VILT. Industry Web and Mobile Development.

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Learn Programming Basics For Cyber Security Engineers

(52 years ago) Course Provider. Course Highlight. Learn & Code programming basics for Cyber Security domain that aids the learner become a Cyber Security Engineer by practicing coding on programming languages such as Python, Java, Java Script, C, & C++.

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FutureSkills Prime

(52 years ago) FutureSkills Prime. SkillSET: Sustainable Education and Training for the Digital Economy. An IT Industry Initiative in collaboration with the Future of Education, Gender and Work System of the World Economic Forum. Let the Journey Begin. Micro learning content to stay engaged daily/ weekly and personalized learning paths for your chosen skills ...

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Azure fundamentals & advanced security training course

(52 years ago) Azure Security Engineers often serve as part of a larger team dedicated to cloud-based security and management. This course will help you identify and remediate vulnerabilities by using a variety of security tools. Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate (AZ-500) Duration 35 Hours. Skill type Emerging Tech. Cost Free. Pathway/Courses Course.

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Learn Data Science using Python with Digital Vidya

(52 years ago) Data Science using Python Course is designed to train participants into Data Analysis using Python and step into Machine Learning. At the end of the session participants will be able to utilize Python for data analysis and Visualization. The course is divided into 7 levels: Starting with an …

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Learn The Skill Of Decoding Others And Developing Empathy

(52 years ago) Course Provider. Course Highlight. This online course is designed to help you understand other people’s sensibilities, strengths and working styles to enable better collaboration.

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Learn JavaScript & CSS with Web Development Course

(52 years ago) Course Highlight. This web development course will lay the foundation for some very important full stack technologies. It will teach you concepts like Javascript , HTML, CSS and more. Upon completion of this course, you will get a course completion certificate by Intellipaat. This course also comes with a FutureSkills Prime badge that can be ...

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