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SatSure -

(52 years ago) SatSure is an innovative decision analytics company that leverage advances in satellites, machine learning and big data analytics to provide answers to large area questions across the sustainability next of agriculture, infrastructure, and climate action. SatSure’s platform enables combining of satellite imagery with weather, IoT, social and ...

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Top 5 Indian colleges for M.Tech. in AI and Data Science

(52 years ago) Jun 10, 2021 · Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore: IISc offers two postgraduate level degrees for students of AI and data science. First is the M.Tech. in AI, which is run by the Division of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Sciences (EECS). Second is the M.Tech. in Computational and Data Science, which is offered by the Department of Computational and ...

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(52 years ago) FEDO is a self-learning platform that predicts the health risk profile of individuals from a photo and 5 simple questions. It leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, cognitive computing to predict an individual risk of lifestyle diseases based on the demographic, lifestyle and environmental data, which is collected through a short questionnaire.

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BHAML – Bharat Mark-up Language

(52 years ago) This is the origin of BHAML or Bharat Mark Up language which is the first in the series of work for Indian diaspora and kids. While it was developed keeping in the mind the no. of languages prevalent in India, it can applied to any language in any part of the world. For e.g. In New Zealand, there are different languages in addition to Maori ...

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One Year of INDIAai report unveiled

(52 years ago) May 28, 2021 · Highlights. On the eve of one year anniversary of the initiative, INDIAai team is proud to announce the launch of the 'One Year of INDIAai' booklet, which consists of the major highlights from the last year. INDIAai, the National AI Portal was launched as the central hub for everything AI in India and beyond, on May 30, 2020, by Hon’ble ...

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'AI is imminently suitable for 5G, which is driven by a ...

(52 years ago) Jul 06, 2021 · I was with the Indian Army for nearly four decades, where I retired from as the head of the ICT Wing. I was responsible for planning, executing and operating telecom and IT networks of the Indian Army and for the training of nearly 100,000 armymen. Prior to this, I was the Additional Director General Personnel, handling the HR and empowerment of the 11 lakh strong national Army.

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(52 years ago) Profile. As the first-ever AI-powered aggregator of fresh produce in India, AIBONO is leading the $250 billion fruits and vegetable chain towards a transformation with its disruptive Seed-to-Plate™ platform. This empowers communities of farmers to achieve two times the yield, two times the income and less than half the wastage as before, by ...

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IIT Madras - website

(52 years ago) The Robert Bosch Centre for data science and artificial intelligence (RBC-DSAI) was founded in August 2017, in IIT Madras with a vision to expand and further the research, education and outreach activities in the areas of data science and artificial intelligence. The research conducted at RBC-DSAI spans both basic research, addressing ...

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(52 years ago) Events Latest events in AI locally and internationally Start Ups Pieces covering the most current and interesting topics

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India’s first Quantum Computer Simulator (QSim) toolkit ...

(52 years ago) Aug 31, 2021 · India’s first ever Quantum Computer Simulator (QSim) Toolkit has been launched by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India. This indigenous toolkit will enable researchers and students to carry out research in Quantum Computing in …

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India’s fastest supercomputer PARAM SIDDHI AI, ranked #62 ...

(52 years ago) Jul 23, 2021 · India’s largest HPC AI supercomputer PARAM SIDDHI AI, commissioned by C-DAC, has been ranked #62 in the November 2020 edition of the biannual Top500 list. The Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is intent on setting the benchmark as the facilitator and manufacturer of indigenous high performance computing capabilities for India.

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Atal Innovation Mission

(52 years ago) The Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) was set up by NITI Aayog with an objective to create and encourage an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship across schools, educational organisations, research institutes and industries including MSMEs. Promote entrepreneurship by encouraging innovators to become entrepreneurs through financial support ...

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AI in agriculture: India’s challenges and opportunities

(52 years ago) May 28, 2020 · Role of data. While we look at AI as a potential technology to provide us with life-changing solutions in the field of agriculture, it is well understood that AI depends solely on the quality of data that is available. In the Indian context, this is also a huge challenge to get the relevant data at a …

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Top 10 AI research centres at Indian universities

(52 years ago) Jun 14, 2021 · Here is a compilation of the foremost centres that are fostering AI research at Indian universities. Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and AI @ IIT Madras: RBCDSAI has established itself as one of the most productive AI labs in the country now, as measured by publications in top AI conferences. It aims to leverage data science to give ...

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Cyber Physical Systems – Concept to reality

(52 years ago) Mar 23, 2021 · In simplest terms, Cyber Physical System (CPS) refers to a platform comprising of a mechanical system that is controlled by computer algorithms, and tightly integrated with Internet and to its networked users. Here, the physical-mechanical components represented by smart sensors and actuators, and the software components represented by computing and networking devices are …

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The ‘upside’ of using AI to manage and multiply wealth

(52 years ago) Sep 01, 2021 · Sindhuja Balaji. Senior Content Writer. Sindhuja Balaji is a Senior Content Writer with India AI. She has 10 years of experience as a journalist in print, digital & television media, covering technology, business, culture and city affairs.

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The relevance of AI in cyber security

(52 years ago) Feb 02, 2021 · The pandemic that we just witnessed taught us many lessons, including a reminder that humans have a tremendous potential to adapt and devise survival mechanisms in every situation. That's exactly what we did when we transitioned to this technologically powered working style. All these years, we believed we couldn't get the work or business moving without being present at the office premises ...

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Text Mining in Python: Steps and Examples

(52 years ago) May 25, 2020 · This blog summarizes text preprocessing and covers the NLTK steps including Tokenization, Stemming, Lemmatization, POS tagging, Named entity recognition and Chunking. Thanks for reading. Keep learning and stay tuned for more! About the author.

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FIVE ways that AI augments FinTech

(52 years ago) Aug 26, 2021 · Personal Finance Management: For wealth managers and advisors, the value of AI has progressed from data parsing and processing to augmented advisory. Prescriptive and descriptive analytics make accurate, detailed predictions, automate portfolios and provide recommendations to balance out one’s portfolio. For instance, For over 10 years ...

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FIVE inspirational AI use cases

(52 years ago) Aug 11, 2021 · A Luxonis OAK-D spatial AI camera can be affixed to either the vest or fanny pack, then connected to the computing unit in the backpack. The OAK-D unit is a versatile and powerful AI device that runs on Intel Movidius VPU and the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit for on-chip edge AI inferencing. It is capable of running advanced neural ...

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Shazia Afzal, Research Scientist at IBM Research India

(52 years ago) Jul 08, 2021 · Highlights. Shazia Afzal is a Research Scientist at IBM Research India since 2016. Her research interests are broadly in the areas of human-centred computing, interaction design, affective computing and education technology. Currently, she is exploring the role of humans in the data and AI lifecycle and how to formalize their collaboration in ...

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Top fields IoT is transforming in India

(52 years ago) Mar 18, 2021 · Ambee is a homegrown company that is mapping India’s air quality using sensors & AI. These sensors are EPA benchmarked in addition to having local certifications like NABL and CEE. Ambee has installed 100 such sensors in Bangalore, and are on their way to install 500 across India.

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International Conference on Computer Science, Machine ...

(52 years ago) Jul 14, 2021 · International Conference on Computer Science, Machine Learning and AI. Jul 14th, 2021. Paid. About the Event. The key motive of ICCSMLAI – 2021 is to provide a world-class platform for the global participants to share their ideas and experience in person with their peers expected to join from different parts of the world.

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Artificial Intelligence in Defence

(52 years ago) Aug 22, 2019 · In the Indian context, AI can be used in four main areas of defense: First, logistics and supply chain management. This is the lowest hanging fruit, one which will show immediate results, and drive up the efficiency of the military. Importantly, it could also provide a boost to private sector involvement in this space, by helping lay a ...

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‘Hey Mercedes’ – made in India: Manu Saale, MD & CEO ...

(52 years ago) Jul 30, 2021 · The entire tech platform has been built out of the Bangalore R&D centre, which houses more than 5,000 engineers, led by Manu Saale, MD & CEO, MBRDI. Here’s an exclusive interview with the man himself on the future of mobility in the age of AI, endless possibilities in AV development, how the semiconductor chip shortage is marking a shift in ...

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National Skill Development Mission (NSDM)

(52 years ago) The National Skill Development Mission (NSDM) was launched in 2015, by the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on World Skills Day. The NSDM aims to consolidate efforts of skill training and development across sectors and states and help sectors expedite steps to achieve various skilling efforts at scale at a fast pace.

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How the government is driving AI skilling in India?

(52 years ago) Oct 23, 2020 · India has massive potential for disruptive growth in the field of AI-driven innovations, owing to her bulging youth population with a natural affinity for computer science education and IT careers. The economic incentive is huge too, as AI is projected to add over $500 billion and almost 20 million jobs to the Indian economy by 2025.

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Providing AI-driven solutions for agriculture and food ...

(52 years ago) Jul 11, 2020 · Ensuring commodity quality and food safety is a critical function, more so a catalyst for augmenting Indian agriculture and food systems and this is where new age data driven technologies like computer vision and spectral sciences combined with Artificial intelligence can play a catalytic role in accelerating sustainability and profitability for agricultural stakeholders.

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JobRoles - INDIAai

(52 years ago) Aug 06, 2021 · Job Roles. Filter. After detailed functional analysis, SSC NASSCOM has identified job roles in various verticals and domains, including big data and artificial intelligence. The job roles are composed of multiple National Occupational Standards (NOS), each specifying the standard of performance an individual must achieve when carrying out a ...

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Supply chain 4.0: The changing face of logistics

(52 years ago) Supply Chain 4.0 is the application of the Internet of Things, the use of advanced robotics, and the application of advanced analytics of big data in supply chain management, as per McKinsey. The way to achieve it: place sensors in everything, create networks everywhere, automate anything, and analyse everything to significantly improve ...

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Handbook on Data Protection and Privacy for Developers of ...

(52 years ago) Jul 16, 2021 · The handbook discusses key concepts like bias, privacy, data security, transparency and accountability. It also highlights the best practices, checklists and citations to provide an actionable understanding of the topic. The ethical principles are clearly mentioned and in line with the principles proposed by the OECD and NITI Aayog.

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AI Patents: Driving Emergence of India as an AI Innovation Hub

(52 years ago) Jun 18, 2021 · Patents are considered as one of the primary ways of measuring innovation and efforts must be channelized to encourage and empower AI innovators in the country. To understand the AI patent landscape in India, a detailed research and analysis was carried out by NASSCOM and INDIAai. INDIAai is the central hub for everything AI in India and beyond.

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Top 5 universities in India for AI research

(52 years ago) Nov 12, 2020 · Listed below are the top 5 universities for AI research in India. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi: IIT-D has established an independent “School of Artificial Intelligence (ScAI)” on its campus in September 2020, and the admissions to its PhD program will …

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Shweta Gupta, Principal Engineering Manager, Microsoft India

(52 years ago) Mar 05, 2021 · I started as a Product Manager for a complex financial reporting product and realized how AI technologies such as NLP and computer vision, can transform the financial services sector. This was something I hoped to learn someday. I started specializing in data engineering on the cloud, helping build large data processing pipelines that scale-out on the cloud to churn and process vast amounts of ...

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Leading the way in AI: Lessons from global governing bodies

(52 years ago) Aug 09, 2021 · Akhilesh Tuteja, Partner and Head, Digital Consulting, KPMG inaugurated the session by saying that he is privileged to be a part of the discussion on a topic that everybody is more and more interested to talk about these days. While AI could mean different things to different people, for this discussion, he chose to use AI in generic terms talking about the range of technology that makes AI ...

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AIRAWAT- Establishing an AI Specific Cloud Computing ...

(52 years ago) Jan 09, 2020 · The report titled AIRAWAT – Establishing an AI specific Cloud Computing Infrastructure for India, is an approach paper published by the Government of India think-tank NITI Aayog.. To achieve the goal of becoming a $5 trillion economy, NITI Aayog suggests setting up an AI-based cloud computing infrastructure known as AIRAWAT (AI Research, Analytics and knowledge Assimilation).

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A brief history of artificial intelligence

(52 years ago) Feb 18, 2020 · History of artificial intelligence (AI) is more recent and not as advanced as many politicians assume. The actual history is rather messy, but it tends to work out as follows. In the 1950s, a visionary mathematician named Norbert Wiener was testing a version of the Turing machine with a …

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AI can now detect virus mutations

(52 years ago) May 07, 2021 · Researchers have been able to successfully detect virus mutations and viral immune escape patterns by using AI and NLP - and these technologies could be the game-changer in the ongoing fight against COVID19. When the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that's causing COVID-19 started dominating news headlines early last year, there was a lot of ...

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IIT-Kanpur, Defence Ministry develop AI tool for grievance ...

(52 years ago) The Artificial Intelligence driven grievance management application developed by IIT-Kanpur is intended to automatically summarise and utilise the gist of public grievances received on the web-based Centralized Public Grievances Redress & Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) pertaining to the Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

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Here's how SEBI uses AI for market regulation

(52 years ago) Aug 21, 2021 · Indian markets today generate over 550 crore daily order and trade messages in the equity and equity derivative segments. In order to keep pace with the demands and challenges of markets, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is investing in technology to improve its own productivity and speed of response to the market.

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Easy language translation using mBART-50 and Hugging Face

(52 years ago) Apr 12, 2021 · It allows you to translate your text to or between 50 languages. We can do translation with mBART 50 model using the Huggingface library and a few simple lines of the Python code without using any API, or paid cloud services. It is easy to translate the text from one language to another language. mBart is a multilingual encoder-decoder ...

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Women in AI: Charu Noheria, Cofounder and COO, Practically

(52 years ago) Feb 22, 2021 · Highlights. Charu Noheria always wanted to build a tech-focused company that solves real-world problems. She now runs an edtech startup Practically, and is the only female cofounder of the company. As a woman in tech, Charu believes in giving opportunities to women in tech, boosting girls in STEM in colleges and supporting women in the ...

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National Strategy For Artificial Intelligence

(52 years ago) Jun 13, 2019 · Introduction. The discussion paper titled National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence #AIForAll was published by NITI Aayog in June 2018. India, being one of the fastest-growing economies, has a significant stake in the AI revolution that has taken the world by storm.

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How Google is using AI to design better chips for AI

(52 years ago) Jun 15, 2021 · Future scope and impact. This new method has been used in production to design the next generation of AI-designed AI accelerators by Google. By saving thousands of hours of effort that is typically put in chip design by human design engineers, this novel method will allow hardware to better adapt to rapidly evolving AI research.

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First online AI & ML diploma course begins at University ...

(52 years ago) Mar 30, 2021 · The objective of the course is to offer skill-based, tailormade courses that can enhance industry-ready abilities among graduates and working professionals. The University of Hyderabad (UoH) and AAIC Technologies Pvt Ltd are jointly offering an online diploma in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (DAI&ML) through the Centre for Distance ...

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What is NLP-based Sentiment Analysis? - INDIAai

(52 years ago) Jan 27, 2021 · Sentiments analysis, a data mining technique that is used to measure and understand people's opinion and inclination through NLP. Computational linguistics and text analysis are used to analyze information from the web, social media, and other such sources. This data quantifies people's emotions, sentiments, beliefs, or viewpoints; hence is ...

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Tamil Nadu Safe & Ethical Artificial Intelligence Policy 2020

(52 years ago) Nov 10, 2020 · The TN government has been pro-active in deploying AI-based solutions for the welfare of the citizens. However, at the same point of time, it has been spearheading state level AI policy that weighs the pros and cons of emerging technologies such as AI. The need for a safe and ethical AI policy has been strongly advocated as the system is prone ...

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