Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi- Everything You Need To Know

Nov 01, 2020 · Under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme, ₹ 6,000 per year is paid in three instalments to each eligible farmer and the amount is directly deposited in their bank accounts. In which after every 4 months, 2 thousand rupees is being given to the farmer. The scheme was launched in …

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Setting Up a Small Greenhouse- All The Steps - Rocket Skills

(52 years ago) Jan 03, 2021 · Jan 03, 2021 · A small greenhouse or a mini greenhouse as more popularly known is a blanket term which is vastly used to encompass any and all greenhouse designs that aren’t the usual commercial size and can be used for smaller commercial establishments or in backyard farming as well.

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Careers - Rocket Skills

(52 years ago) Explore careers at Rocket Skills Explore Careers Be a part of family that is driven to create impact for millions of budding entrepreneurs in India Check

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Rocket Skills: Agriculture Courses to Start Home Based ...

(52 years ago) Rocket Skills has put this course together from his own experience which matters a lot; he has explained each point in a simple way which is easy to understand. Very informative and factual, this course will help me a lot to start my own farm with confidence; thank you Abhinav for sharing your …

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India's Best Hydroponics Course Online - Rocket Skills

(52 years ago) Hydroponics, also know as Vertical farming is a unique type of gardening/ farming that does not make use of any soil, but instead, grows plants in an aqueous – water and nutrient solution. Plants and vegetables are allowed to grow more easily and round the year in a hydroponics set-up. …

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Rocket Skills

(52 years ago) We suggest moving this party over to a full size window. You'll enjoy it way more.

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5 Easy Steps to Start a Fish farm Business in India

(52 years ago) Jul 29, 2021 · Starting a fish farm is only 20% of the job done if you’re looking to start a commercial fish farming business. It is exactly like running any other business, rather trickier as fish-farming in itself is quite a technical skill and takes some training and expertise to master.

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Agriculture Tools Checklist- Your Ultimate Go-to Guide ...

(52 years ago) Jan 31, 2021 · Agriculture Tools Checklist- Your Ultimate Go-to Guide. To increase productivity, experienced farmers and ranchers, as well as homesteaders, use farm machinery. While the use of a hand spade may not seem to be equal to the use of a tractor, both are resources for your efforts that ensure a …

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Courses - Rocket Skills

(52 years ago) All Courses. Our courses, conducted by leading agriculture field experts, are handpicked to guide you through the intricacies of optimized modern techniques of farming to help you increase the productivity of your land. All Vermi-Composting Aquaculture Agriculture Workshop Animal Husbandry. Agriculture.

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Hydroponics Farming- A Comprehensive Guide for the year 2020

(52 years ago) Oct 18, 2020 · Hydroponics Farming is a unique kind of horticulture farming in which you grow plants using robust mineral solutions that are rich in nutrients. A little difficult right? let's make it easier. Hydroponics is a type of farming in which you don't need to use soil to grow a plant. hard to believe right? In fact, plants are sometimes known to grow a lot better without soil, and grow well with ...

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Contact Us - Rocket Skills

(52 years ago) If you are facing any issues or want to get in touch, please drop us a Whatsapp: SEND WHATSAPP . We are available from 9 Am to 9 PM. Registered Office:

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India’s No.1 Black Soldier Fly Farming Course

(52 years ago) Jul 07, 2021 · Black soldier fly farming can generate a revenue of RS. 30K per month in a 20 Sq. foot area by producing animal feed for 10kg a day. First-time entrepreneurs who want to start a business. Experienced insect farmers who want to grow & market their business. Anyone with …

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Webinars - Rocket Skills

(52 years ago) Webinars Archive - Rocket Skills. Black Soldier Fly farming; Understanding Black Soldier Fly farming.

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Dairy Farming in India - A lowdown

(52 years ago) Nov 01, 2020 · Sahiwal originated in the Montgomery region of undivided India (now in Pakistan). This cattle breed is also known as Lola, Lambi Bar, Teli, Montgomery, and Multani. Sahiwal is the best domestic dairy breed in the country. The average milk yield of Sahiwal is 1400 to 2500 kg per liter.

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India's Best Mushroom Farming Course in Hindi - Rocket Skills

(52 years ago) Aug 27, 2021 · Mr. Amit Prasad, our Mushroom farming expert, is an MBA graduate from IMT, he has 20+ years of experience working in senior positions with big corporate companies like Nerolac Paints and Airtel. A few years ago he decided to go to his hometown and start his mushroom farming business. In only a few years, he has now established a very successful business and even has a consumer brand of pasta ...

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Organic Farming Online Course - Rated 4.9 stars | Rocket ...

(52 years ago) Mr. Kiran Bhaskaran, an MBA by education and an Organic Farmer, Organic Farming Consultant & Student by passion has been an active consultant for the past 9 years in the field of Organic Food, Farming and Sustainable Agriculture Practices. He holds wide experience in designing and developing Indigenous Food and Fruit Forests, Integrated Farm ...

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6 types of basic hydroponic systems for home farm setup

(52 years ago) Aug 04, 2021 · Aug 04, 2021 · Ebb and Flow Set-up. This is the most widely recognized form of hydroponic farming and is usually employed in commercial-scale farming. Also known as the Flood and Drain system, this form of hydroponic set-up and uses plant trays, pipe systems, reservoir, and air tubes (for aeration and movement of water from the reservoir to pipes) in order to ...

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Starting a Successful Mushroom Farm Business- 10 Requisite ...

(52 years ago) Sep 21, 2021 · Ventilation is key in order to foster healthy produce. Thermometers. Most varieties of mushrooms demand extremely controlled temperatures be able to grow well. Well-loved varieties best grow in 20-degree Celsius (plus) temperatures with abundant humidity. However, this number may change depending on what kind of mushrooms you are growing.

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India's Best Biofloc Fish Farming Course - Rated No.1 ...

(52 years ago) The principle of the biofloc fish farming technique is to recycle nutrients. The best part of Biofloc is that it helps in cleansing the culture water of the fish at the same time it gives it an additional source of feed. It is an extremely sustainable, effective and natural process of fish farming. Q2. Can Biofloc help in cost saving & can it ...

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Benefits of Biofloc Fish Farming - An easy guide

(52 years ago) Jul 02, 2021 · A guide to Biofloc Fish Farming. In our webinar, Abhinav Dobrial, our BFT expert, explains the benefits of Biofloc fish farming over traditional farming methods & how you can build a business with little capital, and start generating profits.

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